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Mission. The primary goal of the Collection is to acquire, study, and preserve bacterial strains obtained from aquatic ecosystems and from aquacultural facilities. Especial interest is paid to isolates of the Vibrionaceae family, as this family holds one of the most important genera in the culture of many aquatic species and as members of the marine and estuarine environments.
To see a list of species of the Vibrionaceae, please visit the AViB webpage.

The collection was formerly named Collection of Aquacultural Important Microorganisms, but changed to the actual name because the interests of the collection have now broaden also to the study microorganisms that have the aquatic environment as habitat, and not only those restricted to aquaculture.

The Collection is registered at the World Data Center on Microorganisms of the World Federation for Culture Collections with the registration number WDCM813. It is housed in the Center of Research for Nutrition and Development at the Mazatlán Unit for Aquaculture and Environmental Management in Mazatlan, Sinaloa Mexico (see map).


Bruno Gomez-Gil Ph.D.


CIAD, A.C. Mazatlán Unit for Aquaculture, Mazatlán, Sinaloa

AP. 711 CP. 82000. MEXICO


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