A program is in preparation that will use to the otters like species flag. This is going to be used for the protection of the otters, its habitat and the water streams and corridors for the species in the mountain ranges where the river basins of the different rivers approach the sufficient like guaranteeing the genic flow of the species. The projects in march are listed in Table 2.

Table 2. Dedicated projects to study the Neotropical Otter (Lontra longicaudis).

State Year of the recognition
Project status Study Source
Sonora 1995 80 new sites Distribution, feeding, density
Gallo-Reynoso, 1996
Sonora 1999 45 new sites Distribution, feeding, density
Gallo-Reynoso et al., 1999.
Sonora 2002/2003 Finished Feeding habits Rangel-Aguilar, 2003
Baja California 1990 Finished Status Gallo-Reynoso y Rathbun, 1997
Veracruz 1991 Finished Population density Ruíz Betancourt, 1992
Veracruz 1994/95 Finished Nutritional preferences Macías-Sánchez, 1998
Veracruz 1999/2003 Finished Habitat Macías-Sánchez, 2003
Quintana Roo 1996 52 new sites Distribution and abundance
Orozco Meyer y Morales Vela, 1998
Chihuahua 2000 In progress Distribution and habitat use Carrillo-Rubio, 2000
México 1997 60 new sites Distribution and abundance Brito Cruz, et al., 1998
Oaxaca 1998/1999 In progress Density Cruz Alfaro, 2000
Chiapas 1999/2000 In progress Distribution and abundance Soler, 2000.
Morelos 2003/2005 Finished Basin restoration and distribution Cirelli, 2005

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