Prospections on the present state and distribution using the method developed by the IUCN/SSC Group of Specialists of Otters (Otter Specialist Group), which is needed for most of the States in which the otters are distributed.
It is needed to begin with a handling of the habitat - not only in protected natural areas in where still there are otters, but that also in any place in which there are otters in Mexico. More soon than these programs they begin, greater will be the opportunities of which those habitats can maintain populations of otters.
To reduce the level of the contamination of waters originated in towns and cities. The maintenance of the quality of the water in the rivers will have to be oriented ecologically.
Detailed prospections are needed on the presence of the Neotropical otter in the mountainous slopes of the Gulf of Mexico, as well as in the mountainous slope of the northwest, which are needed to obtain precise indicators of their distribution and status.
They are necessary scientific studies in general Biology, behavior, reproduction, ecology and on the environmental requirements for the otters of Mexico.
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