A prospection was made to know the state of sea otters in Mexico, in detail was looked for the presence of this species in the coasts and beaches of the State of Baja California, were made 27 interviews with fishermen of different fishing fields, which was in seven positive observations of marine otters. There were obtained which records from literature which confirms that some individuals of sea otter move throughout the Pacific of Baja California (Gallo-Reynoso and Rathbun, 1997).
Studies oriented towards the conservation were made in the Bavispe-Yaqui River in the State of Sonora to know the present state of the neotropical otters (Gallo-Reynoso, 1996). During 1997 prospections were made in other areas in which the otters were reported by farmers (Basasiachi, State of Chihuahua, River May and Cuchujaqui River in the State of Sonora).
In march or planning
Studies directed towards the conservation are in march in the Bavispe-Yaqui River in the State of Sonora to know the state present the neotropical otters. Other areas of that State have been visited to know the distribution of the neotropical otters. Compared with 1990 in which there was a sinle project on otters in all Mexico (Gallo-Reynoso 1997).
 Nowadays thirteen projects exist, some in march and other already finished on the otters to national level (Table 2). Obtaining monetary resources for these projects has been very difficult and sometimes impossible.
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