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The Collection offers the following services:

Distribution of strains

For the moment, distribution of a reasonable numbers of strains is free for academic institutions, except for some type and reference strains.  Price: 20.00 USD per strain, 25.00 USD postage & handling.

For industry or for profit-organizations. Price: 40.00 USD per strain, 25.00 USD posta
ge & handling.

Strains are usually distributed grown in TSA slants covered with mineral oil (see picture at right); estimated viability is around three weeks. Strains can also be sent freeze-dried at an additional cost.

Deposition of strains

The collection accepts a limited number of strains for cryo-preservation or freeze-drying.

Please contact us for a quotation of this service.

Identification of strains

Identification of marine bacteria is done by molecular methods (16S rRNA sequencing).

Currently, identification of vibrios can be done by sequencing of the 16S rRNA or the whole gene in about a week.


Strains can be fingerprinted by rep-PCR (REP, ERIC, BOX, and GTG5).

We have a big database (>3000 strains) of vibrios fingerprinted with the GTG5 primer and analyzed with the GelCompar II software. This primer has been proved to be maybe the best option for fingerprinting vibrios (Gomez-Gil et al. 2004 Microbiology 150:1769-77), similar to AFLP.


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