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Luminescence medium

Some vibrios are luminescent when observed in total darkness, but is common that sometimes it has to be induced, therefore it is recommended that the strains are grown in a luminescent medium. Luminescence might be lost after subculturing the strains in the lab.

NaCl                    30.0 g

K2HPO4                  3.9 g

KH2PO4                  2.1 g

NH4Cl                   5.0 g

Yeast extract           5.0 g

Tryptone                5.0 g

1M Tris buffer, pH 7.5  50.0 ml

Glycerol                3.0 ml

MgSO4·7H2O              1.0 g

KCl                     0.75 g

CaCO3                   1.0 g

Agar                    20.0 g

Distilled water         1000.0 ml


Adjust the pH to 7.2.

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